• NorthernTeacher posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning clickers :-) shopping this morning so a quick Wiz to Lidl – it’s so good to get there and back so early in the morning! Pulled out some ferns yesterday (2 out 3 replanted) and put in some plants I’d had in pots, some of which don’t seem to have names ;-) Hope you all have a good day with some dry weather :-)

    • Morning Jane, always good to get shopping finished. ;-) What happened the ferns? Did they not do well? Happy, fast whiz. :good:

      • Morning Karen :-) The border next to the terrace is having a revamp ;-) The whole garden is packed with ferns (they all do very well indeed) and I’m trying to make a dedicated fern area rather than having a mass together in a flower bed. I took 3 hart’s ferns out of a bunch of about 7! They’re mostly huge and I just want a bit more space in front of the lounge for pretties. May or may not work :lol:

        • Good morning girls. Just had my second mug of tea delivered ;-) Those Hart’s tongue ferns are very good value but do grow huge. The plans all sound exciting Jane., put some pics of your unknown plants on and we can see if we can identify them. Wiz off and do your shopping :lol: