• NorthernTeacher posted an update 6 months ago

    Morning clickers :-) running late as I seem to have gone back to sleep :sleepy: Shopping to do and a bit of work. Oh, and birds to feed! Thought I’d soaked the porridge overnight in the microwave and just microwaved nothing – doh! Don’t know what will happen the rest of the day :nailbiting: Hope you all have a good one :-)

    • Morning Jane, you do sound out of sorts this morning, I hope you get yourself sorted and enjoy the day :good: :rose:

    • Good morning Jane……not a good start, then! Have you still got plenty of books to read? I can only read for so long then I get restless. I hope the day improves :rose: Hayley has the right idea, basking in sunny climes :-)

    • Good morning Jane :high-five: you’re beginning to sound as dippy as me lately! forgot to turn on the dishwasher last night! :-) HABD :rose:

    • Afternoon, Lynn, Cilla, Anne :-) been a long day indoors – more reading, a bit of work, doing an online course! Got some more books on the way, Cilla. Also spent a bit of time arranging trips for Mother’s and Father’s Days in March and June. Have to book things early. HAGE :-)

      • Too right … it gets impossible if not too expensive if you leave it :good: Well done Jane. Dom has booked us for Portugal at the end of March, where we are re-invited to stay with old friends who have a home there. Looking forward to that :good: HALE and maybe take an ‘ickle break’? :rose: