• NorthernTeacher posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Morning clickers :-) no idea of the weather but it should be clear and dry according to the pretty sun pics on the weather outlook site :notacloudinsight: Am expecting some work this weekend but I think today is my own :good: Off for a short walk to look for owls :-) HAGD

    • We often used to see and hear owls at home many years ago – but I have not seen one since I came to live here. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that all the farmland around here is simply used for grazing, and is down to grass – not particularly hospitable for fieldmice and other species that owls live on. I haven’t even seen a rabbit since I came here.
      On a brighter note – have just heard that Trump has decided not to visit Britain after all. Hope he means it.

      • Morning Sheila :-) excellent on the Trump news for me too! You’re right about what owls need and the one I see flies over a couple of fields that are very scrubby and not farmed. So glad about that. I saw it this morning but it stayed at the side of the field most away from me.

    • Morning Jane, I’m hoping for :notacloudinsight: too,just a watery hour will do :giggle: but as we have fog at the moment my optimism is seriously on the wane!!!!
      Enjoy your :notacloudinsight: :rose:

      • Good morning Jane. :fingers-crossed: you spotted some interesting wildlife :-) I am running out of indoor jobs but I suppose I could empty cupboards and clean them ;-) Enjoy your day whatever you do. :-)

        • Empty cupboards and clean them? You cannot be serious…..It is perfectly acceptable to be inside and do absolutely nothing constructive. But if you must – keep it quiet. I don’t want anyone around me to get the wrong idea, and to think it is a suitable occupation for an older woman with time on her hands. Will wish you a more interesting day than that, Cilla.

      • Morning Lynn and Cilla (can’t seem to do individual replies to you today!) Hope the pesky fog lifts, Lynn – I had enough of that earlier in the week. Cilla, I saw the owl but it was too far away so I’ll try again this weekend. Listen to Sheila, do something other than cleaning the inside of cupboards – we won’t tell :lol: HAGD