• NorthernTeacher posted an update 5 months ago

    Morning clickers :-) sorry most of you have horrid snow to contend with – today is lovely here and have had a nice walk – the same we usually do but with added wildlife! A heron flew out of a ditch – never seen one here before. Will be cutting the rasps down in a minute – was going to make hummus but didn’t check the cupboard for tahini and will now have to freeze the chickpeas. I once asked the garage shop for olives and was told that that was too post for around here, so dare I ask for tahini… ? HAGD

    • :lol: Good luck and a good day Jane :good: :rose:

      • Hello Anne :-) I’ll wait till we go to Lincoln in a couple of weeks and go in a health food store ;-) Hope you have a nice one :-)

    • I have a small glass jar of tahini, Jane – can feel my chest puffing up as I become impossibly posh. If I lived next door, you could borrow it.

    • Good morning Jane :-) Love homemade hummus :good: Extra garlic and lemon juice works a treat ;-)

      • Hello Hayley :-) are you back? are you warm?

        • Warmer than I was last week that’s for sure J ;-) Need to get out there and look at my fruit trees but another coffee beckons first :good: :-)

    • Morning Jane, what a lovely start to the day you’ve had. :good: Have fun with your raspberries, mine need done too – when your finished. :lol:

    • Hi Jane, better late than never :lol: How lovely for you seeing a heron, especially if you haven’t seen any round you. I hope you cut all the rasps down and enjoyed your day. Lovely and sunny here but no inclination to go outside, most unlike me. Are you watching the new thriller tonight?

      • Hi again Cilla :-) we’ll watch it tomorrow. Nothing is ever on at the right time for us and it’s easier to wait a day and watch it then. Is it Trauma? There are a few new things this week but I can’t remember the names.

        • Collateral I think. I had to watch Hugh’s Wild West on Iplayer because our recording failed as did another recording……we don’t know why. I hope Endeavour recorded :-)

          • What was on the Wild West one? I could fit it in tomorrow. I’ve been watching the animals with cameras fitted – that was a good short series – just 3, I think.