• NorthernTeacher posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Afternoon clickers :-) it’s been a lovely warm day here and we’ve had quite a bit of sun, too :good: I have 5 Gardeners Delight seedlings – I sowed 12 but I still expect the others to come through. This morning there were none showing! They’re under the grow light that OH made me. I’ve done a bit of tidying the garden though nobody would be able to tell :lol: Hope you’ve all had a good day and been able to get outside :-)

    • i put some in 2 weeks ago, but no sign of them. think it was too cold in my greenhouse, but will wait and see.

      • Hi Len :-) I don’t usually do them in the house as I don’t have sunny windowsills. These are on the floor in front of the french doors. I will sow the ones to grow outside (plum toms) 3rd week in March to germinate in the g/h. I have radish seedlings in the g/h :good: