• NorthernTeacher posted an update 4 months ago

    Morning clickers :-) back from a wet Oxford but very pleased to see a lot of sunshine and birds in the garden this morning! As you might expect, things to do after a few days away and the washing machine is on already. Hope you’ve all been able to sow and garden in my absence. HAGD :-)

    • Glad to see you back again, Jane – now it’s only Cilla who is AWOL in deepest Shropshire. Glad to report that I sowed most of my seeds yesterday – and this morning I will be running through the exercises before the class this afternoon, just so that I do not have to look guilty when the Physio asks, “Who has practiced these exercises since last week?” Guilt/sloth is a tremendous motivator……Are you glad to be home?

      • Good morning, Sheila :-) Glad to hear about your practice – even if it’s just to look smug when putting your hand up in class! Very glad to be home – too many ups and downs for my liking! Must have done something bad in a past life though as the cottage we booked to visit f-i-l in June has been cancelled by the owner due to needing it for her estranged daughter and we now have to find somewhere else… What, with that and feeding mega hungry birds, I don’t know how I’ll get through the day! Have you got good weather?

        • Don’t think I am brazen enough to look smug, Jane – all I hope for is an absence of guilt. Hope you sort out your accommodation problem for June, or we may all be enjoying a camping experience vicariously. I can lend you a sleeping bag if necessary.

    • Jenn replied 4 months ago

      Morning Jane and welcome back. Sorry to hear your June booking got cancelled but it all sounds very intriguing.

    • Welcome home Jane … hope you had a pleasant time with M-in-L :good: :rose:

      • Welcome back Jane and a change is as good as rest…..isn’t it????? ;-) Anyway I bet the birds are well pleased your home, mine have been eating for england..must be getting themselves ready for breeding :good: