• NorthernTeacher posted an update 4 months ago

    Morning clickers :-) what a lovely bright morning – the seedlings will be ecstatic :lol: as am I :good: Work to finish and then I’m out playing. Have a fab day everyone :-)

    • Morning again Jane. It isndefinitely all happening now. I don’t know whether the seeds sown in the veggie bed a couple of weeks ago will have survived…..wait and see. Lettuce and carrots in containers are all germinating :good:

      • Hello Cilla :-) can’t wait to pick my own lettuce and radish – hate the shop stuff now. I’ve planned a big salad when I come back from Devon :lol:

    • Isn’t it Jane :good: Have a lovely day :rose:

    • Am amazed if you have practically got through three large pieces of work already. You obviously deserve to get outside in the sun – must have been slogging half of the night. Enjoy, Jane.

      • Only the first, Sheila! I like to think I’m superwoman, but that’s not the case! Coffee time now – have a good day!