• NorthernTeacher posted an update 4 months ago

    Morning clickers :-) a nice dry and breezy day but no sunshine – apparently, that will come with a vengeance tomorrow ;-) Work for me but several breaks too. Hope you all have a good day :-)

    • Morning again Jane. Have you got wrigglers in the pond? My pond is still very murky, I may have to dredge it in the autumn if it doesn’t clear. Enjoy your breaks and get the t.shirts out for tomorrow ;-)

    • I hope you manage to “clear your feet” for tomorrow, Jane. The promise of sun and some warmth would spur me to make immense efforts – if only I didn’t live up here, and generally disbelieve a good forecast. But I hope you will both have a very fruitful and productive day.

      • This one isn’t as well written as the last, Sheila but it’s undergrad level – shouldn’t take too long to correct. Dare I say that the 25C forecast in some parts would be too hot for me!

        • 25C? We have an amber warning because of the intensity of the rain and difficult driving conditions. I could spit!!!

          • Afternoon ladies…Another grey one here but a promise of some better weather tomorrow….we shall see