• NorthernTeacher posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning clickers :-) we had fairly thick cloud all day yesterday and it looks to be the same today. It saves the plants a bit and I didn’t do any watering. It’s still warm but it was a cooler night. Beets are cooking at the mo and some washing is on. OH is back tomorrow. Have a lovely day – the bees are certainly buzzing at the moment!
    • Morning Jane, lovely bee pics, :good: the ground is desperate for water, slightly cooler last night here too, it all helps a little. Are you working today? Enjoy your day whatever. :rose:

    • Morning Karen :-) work in tomorrow and the weekend – so free today and I will be mooching around, I expect ;-)

    • Lovely pic :-)

    • Brill :good: :-)

    • Morning Cilla :-) thanks! Are you buzzing today?

    • Morning Jane. Good news on OH :good: Are you reading anything good ? My reading is very slow at the moment with tennis in the afternoons and falling asleep at night :lol: Enjoy your day :rose:

    • I’ve just started Karen’s ‘Underground Railroad’ – she put a review on :good: I finished ‘The Prodigal Tongue’ (Lynne Murphy) on the history and difference between British and American English – fab for me as I’m interested in linguistics but I don’t expect it would be your choice, like tennis isn’t mine :lol:

    • I’m reading the latest Peter Robinson. I’m contemplating taking the mangetouts out and sowing some carrots as there are only limited things to be done with them and they don’t freeze. Also the french beans are nearly ready. The peas are doing quite well so they can stay.

    • We have cloud today too – and I’m really glad because it will give the plants a rest from endless transpiration. Imagine if we had to stand out in the sun all day just drinking and sweating….. At least I can stay inside with the newspaper and an ice lolly. One advantage of being a plant though is that they are oblivious to Brexit and the endless chuntering of politicians. Enjoy today, Jane.

    • I’m pleased Michael Gove is staying as Environment Minister as he is really committed to saving our wildlife, farming etc.

    • The Guardian live politics thread published JK Rowling’s tweet:

      “This is what happens when you have men in government who’ve been raised from birth to believe it’s someone else’s job to clean up after them.” Yes, thank goodness, most plants know their place! Enjoy your ice lolly!

    • It seems so, Cilla but they’re all schemers ;-)

    • :good: :rose: