• NorthernTeacher posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Morning clickers :-) not sure I have any plans so might go for a walk when the chickpeas are cooked (for hummus). OH won’t be back until 7.45pm and the work won’t arrive until this afternoon. I watered everything last night and am now on the tap water. Have a lovely day everyone :-)

    • Morning Jane. You should definitely go for a walk, I hate it when it is so hot and I can’t go but will take my sun hat to Calke and hope for the best ;-) OH doesn’t mind walking in hot sun. Enjoy your day and hummus :-)

      • I bought a sun hat in Louth but I won’t need it today ;-) Have a lovely walk :rose:

        • Hi lovely’s…..You would need a sun hat here as its still hot and sunny, hope you both managed a walk while I was cooped up in my cage..big sigh.. ;-)