• NorthernTeacher posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning clickers :-) overslept as OH was late back. Have to check what needs watering – third day of thick cloud but no rain. The veg is on the tap water now ;-) ‘Spect I’ll see some of you later – have a good day all :-)

    • Good evening Jane – we have cloud and heat and no sign of rain. Just back from Toenails and looking forward to a day without workmen tomorrow.

      • Hi Sheila :-) how’s it all looking – or can’t you say yet? The postman complimented me on my lettuces today – his are bolting. I made a point of telling him I’m watering them everyday. I can’t wait for rain – though I’ll have to, obviously! Just put 2 courgette lasagnes in the oven to freeze later. I was so fed up with the low or non-existent stocks of stuff in Lidl today that I’ve decided on online orders only from the usual supermarkets for an indefinite period. I think Lidl’s success is making them sloppy. Hope you have a nice evening – tomorrow will be good without workmen as you’ll be able to swan around just as you like!

        • Am now imagining your Lidl surrounded by ravening hordes who constantly eat all it’s stock – but the truth may be that your Lidl has an inexperienced manager who is scared to over-order. I cannot say I have seen any poor stock levels in my Lidl, which seems to be busier than ever. I think the house is starting to look a good deal better – but there are still some bits to be done, and the cast iron pipes to paint. They are held up waiting for the builder to replace the stone at the head of the chimney wall – it doesn’t project enough to throw water off satisfactorily from the face of the wall. I picked another 19 cherry tomatoes yesterday – thought I’d mention it in the passing, cos nobody noticed except me.