• NorthernTeacher posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning clickers :-) well, here I am again. Yesterday it poured down in London but I get home and find dead sunflowers and cosmos – obviously no wet stuff here :-( M/C and Oxford were both very hot and prairie-like. Need to see what needs urgent watering in a minute. I insisted my neighbour only water certain veg as I didn’t want her carting heavy watering cans around for hours and I expected some stuff to suffer. OH is back Monday and I need to go to the nearest Co-op to find something to go with the marrows :lol:

    • Good morning Jane and so good to have you back “in the family :-) “. Dead cosmos and sunflowers is a shame, my cosmos has really struggled but with washing up water and OH’s regular hosing, they are now glowering…….I think I mean flowering :lol: Enjoy your first day back at home, always exciting to wander round the garden :-)

      • Morning Cilla :-) haven’t had a close look yet – I can see the bird bath is bone dry – the wood pigeons will be filthy and straight in the bath later, I expect :lol: Your rudbekia are doing very well :good: Must also start skipping again – I’ve lost some weight this week without skipping :cool:

        • I’m not surprised you’ve lost weight with all your racing about. You can eat courgette lasagne to your heart’s content now ;-) . Are you Wizzing to the Co-op or busing?

      • Very taken by the idea of Cilla’s glowering cosmos. I now realise that I have been sent to Coventry by every plant in the front garden – and I thought they faced away from me because they were following the sun…..Will shower them with poultry pellets and try and curry favour…..