• NorthernTeacher posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Morning clickers :-) I’ve got a stinking cold and a bit of a sore throat too :-( Not a good way to be when having to concentrate on proofreading! Yesterday was glorious and I did get outside a bit. I think today will just be a slog. Hope you’re all fine and dandy and have a good day :-)

    • I’m so sorry to read this, Jane. It’s not simply coincidence that we attach the word “stinking” to colds, because that is exactly what they are. I know you are busy just now, but try and get out in the fresh air too – it will help.

    • Morning Jane, bummer about the cold & sore throat though. :-( Typical that it has happened when you have some work in as well. :bad: Hope the work goes fast and the cold “goes” faster. ;-) :rose: :rose:

    • Morning Sheila and Karen :-) just had a downpour, too! Am finishing a Lemsip before heading off to Lidl. Hopefully it will be a very quick trip and nobody will come near me ;-) HAGD both of you :-)

      • Morning Jane, I hope I didn’t infect you over the airways but I hope it disappears as quickly as mine did. Take care, I hope you feel much better soon. :rose:

      • Think I would have dispatched the OH to deal with Lidl on his own Jane. ;-)

        • Hi all….Get well soon Jane, there are lots of people with it here at work, rest for a couple of days if poss and you will get better faster :rose: (and a hot toddy) :drink: xx

        • Glad to say a mega improvement since the Lemsip this morning :good: Stay safe all as the weather is doing its own thing at the mo :dunno:

          • Glad to hear you the cold is improving Jane. :good: It’s a beautiful evening here, but due to get a tad wet and windy so have just pulled the bins into the garage. ;-) Have a good evening – hot toddy with lemon and honey for you. :good: