• NorthernTeacher posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning clickers :-) it’s that time of the week again – Lidl later – no emoji really fits ;-) Loads of apples to stew at some point but certainly not as a prelude to the shopping! Can’t think about the rest of the day yet but there’s not much of the lane to clear… Have a good day everyone :-)

    • Ah, there you are, morning Jane. :-) It was a great year for apples, I’ve a load more to do as well. :good: Good news on the lane, it must be looking great by now, :fingers-crossed: you get it finished. Enjoy your day – after lidl. ;-)

      • Hi Karen – thanks! OH asked how much more I’ve got last night – he thinks I’m mad but I don’t have an alternative if I won’t let him kill it off :dunno:

        • Apart from the weedkiller use, the problem with killing it off it it just builds up more slippery stuff – and eventually more soil for more weeds. ;-)

          • Morning again Jane and Karen. My bark path round the pond is the same although some are flowers. It’s a beggar on the knees but has to be done. And it does look good when it is clear.

            • Hi Everyone! you know how crossword puzzles always have
              clue: garden tool
              answer: hoe!
              well I eventually used a hoe extensively last year and found that it cleared the moss off my wood-tiled paths really well :lol:
              I won’t use weed killer either … yuk!

    • Morning Anne :-) good for you on your hoe :good: the lane is a farmer’s lane and although it has hardcore, it also has a lot of soil that I’ll never be able to get rid of! Also it’s 100m long… Have a lovely day – we’ve got sun now and a light breeze :-)