• NorthernTeacher posted an update 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Afternoon clickers :-) did the shopping this morning and just had lunch. Been knitting – on the second front piece now! Atrocious weather as everyone else, it seems. Take care and try and enjoy yourselves :-)

    • Evening Jane, it hasn’t been too bad here, well up to ½hr ago, when the rain arrived back. :-( Hope you’ve stayed snug and dry, second front must be well up by now. :good:

      • Evening Jane and Karen. Not too bad weather here today apart from the wind. Looking forward to seeing the finished article Jane. Did you see Death and Nightingales Karen @vegvamp.

        • Evening Cilla, yes I did watch it, not very sure about it; it has that “history repeating itself” feel. And I hate that none of them have Fermanagh accents. :lol:

          • I’ts good to get a “native’s” point of view :-) Could be a bit depressing and I didn’t catch all the words as they mumbled a bit……we shall see ;-)

    • Hello girls :-) finished the right front – sleeves next :nailbiting: Glad you’ve both had ok-ish today :good: Had a sparrowhawk fly through when it was light! Hope you have a nice evening :-)

      • Sparrowhawk yeah :good: The wind knocked the birdfeeder pole over this morning. Sardines on toast for dinner…..’cos I’m just fed up with thinking what to have, followed by rhubarb crumble out of the freezer…..and lemon barley :-(

      • Wowser Jane, on the Hawk and the knitting. You’ll be finished in no time. :good: