• NorthernTeacher posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning clickers :-) one shoulder seam done after several attempts :confused: will try to do the other a bit more quickly today before learning how to ‘pick up stitches’ for the neck part. I’m thinking this is likely to be my last knitting project… I’ll skip when I have light outside. Hope you all have a good day – without the exasperation I’m bound to have :lol:

    • Good morning Jane, I’m sure you will manage beautifully but it does sound tricky. Just think how chuffed you will be when you’ve finished it ready for the winter chills :-) :good: Skipping sounds a good outlet for knitting frustration ;-)

    • Morning again petal, just think of the sense of achievement you will have when wearing your own creation. :cool: And now you have learnt all the tricky stuff, so the next one will be a doddle. :rose: :clover: I’m just off so will catch up later.

    • Courage mon amie, le diable est mort! Once you get the hang of mattress stitch, it’s easy, especially if the two parts being joined are laid flat facing each other, which makes it easy to see where you are going to scoop up the stitch with your needle.
      If you give up knitting, a niece of mine is doing the most marvellous crochetting – whole bedspreads – which look absolutely terrific, and well worth a try.

    • Morning Cilla, Karen and Sheila :-) you’re all so supportive, merci beaucoup! I will, I will, I will finish it – but only because I want to show you the best bits in a photo eventually ;-)

      • Ooh :excruciating: I feel for you Jane :lol: :love: :rose:

        • Hello Anne :-) finished second shoulder seam and have watched lots of vids on picking up stitches and knitting them :confused: This is for the neck rib bit that I’ll be having a go at tomorrow :nailbiting:

          • Go it Gal :good:
            I really admire you for doing it … Am trying to summon up whatever to re-learn some basic crotchet stitches, but have card preps first :-) :rose: