• NorthernTeacher posted an update 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning clickers :-) just off out for a quick walk as OH isn’t baking today. Will be back later. Have a good day everyone!

    • Morning Jane. Nice snd fresh this morning for your walk so hope you spot some wildlife. Is the end in sight for the cardi?. Have a good day :-)

      • A lovely walk, Cilla, if a bit frosty! No wildlife but OH did capture some geese flying over via the camera in his drone earlier :good: Cardi is moving along… :lol:

    • If I shut my eyes and concentrate hard, I can feel the wind in your hair (but thwarted by the headband), and the frost crunching beneath your feet. Everything is quiet (even that neighbour) and it’s doing you lots of good. Hurrah!