• NorthernTeacher posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Afternoon clickers :-) pleased to say the new skipping rope works :lol: Did just a little tidying in the garden, and did a lot of reading. Off to Grimsby for the day tomorrow – I say for the day but most of it is spent on the bus getting there and back! Going specifically to check out some seating. Hope you’ve had a good day :-)

    • Hi Jane. Is that garden or house seating? Fresh fish and chips for lunch? Should be a bit warmer tomorrow, hopefully. What are you reading?

      • Hi Cilla :-) for the lounge :good: I would like two ‘snugglers’ – we need to sit on them to see if they’re suitable. At the mo I’m reading the final Morse book (Remorseful), believe it or not, as well as ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’, though not at the same time obviously :lol: Yep, fish and chips so long as we have enough time – the bus times have changed :confused:

      • No click from you – hope you had a good day :rose: