• NorthernTeacher posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Afternoon clickers :-) I expect you’re all watching the rugby. :brb: Well, I’ve just checked if it’s finished and it has – well done to Karen’s team @vegvamp :walt: You’ll be celebrating tonight :lol: I’ll toast Ireland with my pizza and :drink: in half an hour or so.
    Just to keep you all up to date, I’ve finished the front rib, all 3″ of it ;-) Have a lovely evening. I’ll be catching up with Granchester.

    • Well done Jane, have finished all my knitting apart from the front bands and neck of the baby Cardigan :good:

      • Hello Lynn :-) I’m sure you’ve got ideas for the next ball of wool ;-) How do you cope with round needles? I have to do the neck this way :confused:

        • Hi Jane, I’ve used them in the past, they do feel a bit odd at first,but for something like a neck with lots of stitches,they do give a heater finish, I know some knitters who only use them!!!! Good luck, I’m sure you will work it out :good:

    • Good evening Jane and Lynn, knitters united ;-) . Enjoy that pizza Jane and the :drink: Mine is warming on the radiator. Bol pasta and pesto for us and probably a Vera :-)

    • Bravo knitters :good: :lol:
      Light salad for us then maybe more of the second part of the Europe thang before part three! …HAGE All :rose:

      • Morning Anne :-) you would’ve needed more than a light salad ;-)

        • I do think it’s fascinating Jane, especially as I’m getting quite a fondness for Tusk!!! :shout: he amuses me with his little English idiomatic stumbles :lol: the rest of the shenanigans, … well, words fail me!
          HAGD … maybe you’ll finish that woolly in time for the next bout of cold weather! :rose:

    • Thanks Jane, glad we managed to win after not showing up for last week’s game, ;-) but neither team played their best. :-( Had a smashing time though. :-)