• NorthernTeacher posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning clickers :-) Lovely sunny start to the day :good: Will make an early bolognaise in a mo as I’ve got the stuff and the leccie is still on the overnight rate. Will be gardening – not sure what but the neighbour at the end of the lane has got some horse muck and offered me some – will take some for the courgette beds :good: The things that please us gardeners :lol: Have a lovely day everyone and I hope you get out in the sun! @VegVamp – hope your knee and ankle are mended this morning :fingers-crossed:

    • Morning Jane, no sun here, but I’ll settle for dry with little wind. ;-) I’m a tad achy all over, but not nearly as bad as I could have been, thank you. :rose: Horse much, you lucky girl, though using it to encourage courgettes may not be the wisest move. :lol: Have a good day. :-)

      • Morning Jane. You can’t beat a nice pile of ‘oss muck, should treble the courgette yield ;-) Have a lovely day playing :-)

    • Muck for courgettes :shout: I remember the glut you all had last year that prompted me to get a spiraliser for alternative low-carb spaghetti :lol: HALD Jane :love: :rose:

    • Morning Jane, pasta for us tonight too, although you probably have something uncarbohydratey with yours – courgetti? Enjoy your day :rose: