• NorthernTeacher posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Morning clickers :-) Lidl and Coop today – how exciting can life be! :lol: Back asap though to make the most of the sun today. Cleared a path around the pond yesterday and moved the bench so that we could sit on it with a cuppa in the afternoon – which we did and it was very nice! Just waiting for the veg to grow now ;-) Hope you all have a fab one :notacloudinsight:

    • Morning Jane. This food shopping lark is a real pain isn’t it? :-( Sitting by the pond is a lovely occupation, always something to see. Have a lovely day :-) :notacloudinsight:

    • Morning Jane & Cilla, always good to have a bench or seating in the sunshine during the day, I have spotted a area that gets the early morning sun and a bench would fit it just right. :-)
      Enjoy your day :rose:

      • Morning Lynn :-) The bench had been covered up and we never sat on it but now it’s just out there and although I’ll have to clean the muck off sometimes, we’re more likely to use it :cool:

        • Hmmm, the Arbour is great when it’s hot, cos it’s in the shade and at present the fragrance of Clematis is still lovely. A seat in the sunlight would be good, but no space.