• NorthernTeacher posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Morning clickers :-) Well, we had a bit of rain but it soon stopped. Not sure what difference it will make to the levels in the water butts – very little, I expect. OH will go to the garage to see if the van is ok today – fingers crossed for that, everyone, please :fingers-crossed: Will see what plants I can put in the raised bed that I moved and also plant out some lettuce seedlings today. Hope you all have a good one :-)

    • Morning Jane. Everything is crossed, just hope I can unravel before the train ;-) Glad your rain has stopped,, it is still very dry and warm down here. Can’t believe it is nearly time to go home…..back to domestic drudgery ;-) :-( Have a lovely day sowing things :-)

      • Morning Cilla :-) hope the morning is a long one for you so that you get back later :confused: :lol: Let’s hope OH hasn’t left you any drudgery to deal with ;-)