• NorthernTeacher posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Morning clickers :-) completely grey sky this morning – very dull. Had a fit last night when smoke started drifting past and into our lounge as the windows were open and why wouldn’t they be on a beautiful summer’s evening. But the pyromaniac was burning! I stormed out and screamed some expletives, not knowing whether he was behind his fence or not until I heard him ask, “Would you like me to it out, Jane?” Made my night, I can tell you as we had to close all the windows, I had a headache and the place was stinking.
    On that note, I hope all clickers have a lovely weekend!

    • Good for you smoke is horrid, I hope you used word pyromaniac as well might make him think!! If he knows what it means!

      • Morning Tubs :-) Had 9 months free of smoke after complaining to the council. I shall start logging the incidents again after last night. He burns green waste, producing the most smoke possible :bad:

        • Morning Jane. Bally neighbours and glad you gave him a mouthful as polite requests obviously don’t work with him. I hope the place is smoke free this morning and uou have a pleasant day :-)

          • Morning Cilla :-) I expect today will be ok ;-) Hope you have a good day, too. Are you going for a walk?

            • Oh dear Jane, we have a chap who just lights fires at any time of the day, luckily he’s further down the road, don’t doesn’t really cause a problem, but sometimes if the wind is in the right direction I get a whiff!!!! Can’t imagine you get all angry and shouting swear words, you always seem so placid, but all of us have things that get our blood boiling 😤😤💐