• NorthernTeacher posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Afternoon clickers :-) Back from Devon, including a breakdown at Hopwood Park services yesterday :-( Not good weather in Devon apart from Thursday morning – see what the sheep thought of it on Dartmoor in my photo ;-) OH and his dad got out of the car at one point but nowt could tempt me :lol: No drone rescue because of the weather, so all in all it means we have to go back as soon as the van is on the road again. The wind was blowing in Devon too and also in Lincolnshire, according to the garden! Hope you’ve all been enjoying yourselves without me ;-)
    • Oh Jane, what an adorable photo…as I so often say, “Who said that sheep were silly?!” :lol: :rose:

    • Oh Lor Jane, that says it all really. :-(

    • Oh Bum, and lots of other bad words. It is good to have you back though. :rose: :clover:

    • Hi Anne and Karen :-) Glad to have got back – it was touch and go as OH had to drive without stopping the van until he’d reversed onto our concrete at home! All to do with the original iffy starter motor and battery… Will somehow get it to the garage tomorrow afternoon :fingers-crossed:

    • And have serious words with the garage I hope. ;-) :cowboy:

    • Lovely to have you back Jane and the garage does need to be told……in no uncertain terms if they haven’t repaired it properly :-(

    • Crumbs Jane … take care, Nightnight :love: :rose: