• NorthernTeacher posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Morning clickers :-) It’s quite cool this morning and greyish – not sure what’s on the cards with the weather but I’ve got some washing on the way. Need to sort out one of the outdoor tomatoes which blew over in the raised bed while I was away. Shouldn’t be too difficult :confused: Had loads of my blueberries with breakfast today :good: Hope you all have a good day :notacloudinsight:

    • Morning Jane, back to porridge then. ;-) It’s really wet here this morning after a gorgeous day yesterday. :bad: Good luck with the tomato rescue and thanks for the reminder – I forgot to net the blueberries yesterday the blackbirds are fighting me over them. :lol:

      • Morning Karen :-) I don’t like sharing my fruit either and put a string bag over the biggest dangling branch when I was away :lol: I also wanted it to deter the neighbour who watered the toms ;-) I’m sure you don’t need that rain. Hope you can find nice things to do undercover :-)

        • Morning Jane. My blues never did very well in pots so I gave them away. My Moneymaker are ripening, they just need a bit more sun so they are sweet enough to make soup. :fingers-crossed: it doesn’t rain for us. Enjoy your day :-)

    • Morning Jane,welcome home glad everything’s ok in the garden after the very windy weather at the weekend. My blueberries finished a few weeks ago, are yours late ones? I netted mine this year as the birds are what few grew last year, so had a lot more.
      Rain forecast later here!! Enjoy your day💐

      • Hi Lynn :-) I chucked out my Sarah Raven blueberry as I only had about 6 berries. My two remaining ones are DTBrown Draper and they have been very good this year. They’re just ripening. Supposed to be July-August but I probably don’t get enough sun for it all to happen earlier. Raining here… Have a nice afternoon :-)