• NorthernTeacher posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Morning clickers :-) We had 50+mph gust forecast for last night and I think I heard every one of the them :confused: It’s still at it. The moon was lovely early on but really, who needs all this weather?! There is snow forecast for this afternoon. We’ll see… Hope someone has a calmer day. Stay safe and take care :-)

    • cilla replied 2 weeks ago

      Morning Jane. I hope you don’t get any damage or snow.We have 40mph winds forecast but they seem the norm nowadays. Certainly ‘aint gardening weather :light-snow: :excruciating: Stay warm :-)

      • Morning Cilla, definitely not gardening weather at the minute. :bad: Stay warm yourself. :-)

    • Morning Jane, it was the same here, so not a lot of sleep. :-( Our snow has already arrived and the sky looks full of more. A day for hunkering down, except I need to get my car to my mechanic this evening for a service tomorrow; that could be tricky. Stay warm and safe. :clover:

    • Hi Cilla and Karen :-) Just back from a walk – sooooo strenuous! Got back in and felt a bit faint as we were battling the wind on the way back and it’s surprising how much oxygen you need to do that :confused: Anyway, we made it and a cuppa works wonders. Hope you both have had a reasonable morning and no more snow. Fingers crossed for shifting your car, Karen. :rose: :rose:

      • Afters Jane, should have had your wheetabix before you went out. ;-)
        I left the car up early as the snow was mostly gone but due to return later. :good: