• NorthernTeacher posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Morning clickers :-) I know it’s cold outside as I’ve just been up and down the lane 4 times – I put the wrong bin out :silly: When I got near the gate with the correct bin, the truck was just going past but fortunately the guy heard me trundling up and waited :good: It’s calm here but only for the morning apparently. Have a good day, all :-)

    • Morning Jane, good of them to wait, :good: a lot of them wouldn’t bother! It’s blooming freezing out there and we have. :light-snow: I’m parked up today as my car is with the mechanic and OH is away to Carrick shortly, so a reading day I think. :good: Stay warm and enjoy your day. :-)

      • Hi Karen :-) A bummer on the snow :bad: I hope it doesn’t hang around long – that’s the last thing you want. I’ve dug out the little cardi I knitted and it’s very thick and cosy – I’ll be reading too when I’ve had a quick look at the paper online (only buy the weekend ones). I can hear the robin, which is good as none of the birds have been around for several days, quite sensibly of course ;-) I expect you’ve got the coffee on but if not, I’m about to do some myself and will put on extra :coffee: Get you feet up :lol: