• NorthernTeacher posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Morning clickers :-) Grey this morning but I’m expecting it to be warm. Some new rush plants for the pond arriving today to replace all that couch grass that I got out :good: Supermarket order coming today. Will be picking tomatoes and pulling out one of the courgette plants that has given up the ghost for some reason. Not sure what else is on the cards. Hope you all have a good day :-)

    • Morning Jane. Grey here too. My courgettes have slowed down for now. Exciting pond delivery for you. I trimmed my rush the other day and extricated the water forget me nots from it! Hope there are some treats in your delivery ;-) Enjoy your day :-)
      • Morning Jane & Cilla, grey everywhere then, ;-) but we have sun forecast . :dance: :dance: Rush plants will be lovely in your couch free pond Jane. :good: Tomatoes coming nicely here too, the taste is wonderful. :cool: Have a good day both. :-)
        • Good morning Jane … it was damp :dance: :dance: :dance: and still is grey here too :-) and slightly , mercifully cooler :good: HAGD :love: :rose: