• NorthernTeacher posted an update 2 days, 21 hours ago

    Morning clickers :-) Not quite so cold this morning but it’s still grey and slightly breezy. Promised myself to get in the greenhouse today and hope to stick to it ;-) The flower buds at the top of the amelanchier have just started to open. Hope you have a lovely day, all :-)
    • That is very pretty Jane, and lovely to see things starting to bloom. :good:

    • Definitely a greenhouse day Jane. ;-) :good: Have a good day yourself. :-)
      • Mmmmm, lovely Jane :-) :good: As Karen said , it was lovely to see things blooming around the town gardens yesterday . There were bright yellow bushes of Forsythia all over the place … glowing before their leaf growth :dance: :rose:

      • Is it, I wonder, the cold of early Spring that makes many leaves and stems stay red before many change later to green :confused: … much research the science? :good: Superb shot :good: :rose: