• Evening clickers, quite a pleasant morning, cold wind returned lunch time, not as strong as the past few days. Started another 60 onion sets off in my garage a few days ago , could just see a green tip on some of them so moved onto a sunny window sill. Could not believe the growth spurt they made in just a few hours
  • Yip, sorry Sheila, I’m on the “take glass out” side too. Any twisting at all could break the glass and dropping roof glass on people isn’t clever.

  • Walt posted an update 7 hours, 15 minutes ago

    Good evening :-)
    Birthday…Vera Lynn…101 :good: :good: :good: :cake: :drink:

  • I agree with Frank & Mick, start over :good:

  • Sheila I moved mine last year and built a new frame out 4×2
    I actually replaced the glass to the plastic and just kept the roof glass it’s not that difficult the glass to take out and put in solid now

  • Good evening had a couple of fillings nowt to sore spent a few hours in the garden getting veg plots ready

  • Take all the glass out and start again … trying to move it fully assembled will cause breakages shelia

  • gertie posted an update 9 hours, 48 minutes ago

    Good evening All :high-five: Hope your day has been good for you after all the various mishaps I have been reading of …. Bon courage :good: :love: :rose:

  • Frank … would it be possible to lift from one end and place a plank underneath, gradually sliding planks along until the whole base is just supported on planks… then lift off the base with lots of helpers, 2 to each plank, and place the whole GH down until new base is made? Sorry if this is a silly idea … I have never had to do it.. Good…[Read more]

  • Hi Sheila
    I would not recommend attempting to lift the greenhouse off the base as a whole because I think no matter how many people you have helping
    it will be almost impossible to get everyone to lift together and to the same hight and uneven lifting will cause the framework to twist resulting in glass either breaking or springing the clips and…[Read more]

  • My small greenhouse (6′ x 8′) has given me sterling service for fourteen years – and due to my own stupidity and failure to treat the base it is erected on, it is in an advanced state of rust. I seriously doubt it’s ability to support the structure for another year. Can anyone give advice about how to replace the base? My daughter thinks it…[Read more]

  • Dear People, am so behind, cannot even write a few Words, someone knocking at the Door now. have a good Day bbl. Tina x

  • gertie posted an update 18 hours, 1 minute ago

    This was on ‘cat-up-tree’ day … now why didn’t it concentrate on the ground more?!!! :-( :confused: :excruciating:
    • :bad:

    • That’s what I thought too Karen :-( … looks young and healthy doesn’t it.

    • ‘afraid so Anne, not a good sign. :disappointed:

    • Ooo errr, Anne!!

    • Indeed Jane … Shall not do anything whilst feeding the birds in the cold weather….. then we shall see :-( :rose:

    • We had a visit from a rat too today, so I topped up the bait boxes, sorry I don’t take any prisoners as we end up with a few if we don’t do something,haven’t seen it since this morning though.
      Lots of birds visiting, robin’s, blue, great, & long tailed tits. Jenny wren, pheasant and the magpies! Even some of the bee’s came out in the sunshine…[Read more]

    • :disappointed: why not me too Lynn ;-) HALE too :love: :rose:

    • I have a lot more space than you, so they can always go somewhere else! Plus we have a lot more opportunity for them to set up home and go unseen!!!! Hence the need to deal with them, they are a pest even if they are cute and can cause lots of destruction. Don’t fancy them in the loft or chewing through electric cables!!!

    • Absolutely Lynn … I shall deal with them soon, I promise. Am a bit worried that the new cat might be affected so need to keep tabs on what I am doing xx :rose:

    • It doesn’t take much for an infestation. Seeing them through the day is not a good sign. I did see something a rat feeding station which were bird proof it’s a young rat I would take my feeders down

  • karenp posted an update 18 hours, 12 minutes ago

    Morning all, heavy frost this morning so the remaining snow a bit dodgy to walk on, defrosted the bird bath and put more food out on the table plus some on the ground for the blackbirds :-)
    Hens had their porridge too as seems to really perk them up first thing in the morning, still getting eggs from 2 of them but Elsie my oldest lady who’s…[Read more]

  • gertie posted an update 18 hours, 41 minutes ago

    Good morning from :sun-clouds: in C.P. :high-five: let’s hope that all our plans go as planned today :fingers-crossed: HAGO ALl :rose:

  • Good morning how’s all. Cold frosty night sun is shining now not much planned for today dentist today I hope my missing tooth is ready . Enjoy your day

  • Jenn posted an update 19 hours, 4 minutes ago

    Morning all. Woke to green instead of white so :good: :good: :good: Now in a quandary whether to tityvate the garden or go over the plot! I have some seeds to sow so may do that first thing while it dries up a bit. I guess there are lots of happy people madly pulling on their gardening trousers and dashing outside today :-) If you are…[Read more]

    • Have pulled on the trousers (over thermal leggings) and put on a thick roll-neck merino wool jumper – but am not sprinting outside until it gets a bit warmer. No fear. You sprint if you want to.

      • :lol: Just had a light shows here whilst the sun shone brilliantly – who knows what it is going to do today :lol:

  • Morning all, no snow or frost, we had + temps overnight :good: rain first thing,but clearing now :good: and it’s officially spring, but like everyone else I shall be holding back, from any outdoor sowing for a week or so.
    Nothing written in stone day to do, have to pop to the post office, to post grandson Sam’s birthday present, which is Monday…[Read more]

    • How old is Sam now, Lynn? You must be quite lucky where you are to have + temps – BBC news has photographs of snow-crusted daffodils and hedges frozen with icicles. Make the most of it Lynn, there are lots of envious clickers looking on….

    • Hi Bean, Sam will be nine on the 26th. Am trying to load a pic of him & Max!!

  • Morning Cilla , Shelia its 5C at the minute, window open , its too hot for seed potatoes :lol: Not in a hurry to plant things would just like to take some plants to the allotment green house and free some space at home. Normally would have sown tomatoes and put them under lights but have so many onions in the grow tent there’s no space.

  • As Karen says, it’s the Equinox – and this year the time is all mine. I have it earmarked for some work outside, but I think I will linger inside and wait for some of the frost to lift first. The birthday celebration for the 80 year old was quite surprising yesterday. He brought his laptop, and ran through a painstakingly prepared family…[Read more]

    • Oooops, on the birthday boy’s history lesson, not exactly ideal. ;-) Hope the cake and sticky buns made up for it. :lol: Enjoy your “you” day, so pleased to see Spring turning the corner, even if I have to put up with a frost first thing. :good:

    • Good morning Bean….how extraordinary, probably not so interesting for people who don’t know his family……I hope you got to eat cake ;-) Enjoy your day in the garden, you certainly deserve it :-) :rose:

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