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    gertie - "Good day all :high-five: It’s very cloudy but still warm here in C.P. Have lots of salad lettuce to harvest I think and lots of questions to find answers to as well…getting behind with so much to do…it’s […]"View
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    Jenn - "Good (early) evening folks. So discombobulated today :eyeroll: Planned a Lottie day but when I got over there I got super hungry and wanted to come home. And it was too hot even though the forecast had said it […]"View
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    Vashte-Coutts - "Just a light drizzle here, but at least it’s cool so no need to water tonight, Which makes me twice as happy because I beat the boys again to come home with money….HAHAHA :lol: :lol: :lol: "View
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    Owdboggy - "Lifting a bag of bark mulch yesterday, managed to tweak a muscle in my back. Not badly but enough to stop me doing any more gardening for a few days. Good job it is raining and cooler. I can wear my back […]"View
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    ronvalley - "What’s with Bill, Has anyone heard from him,?"View
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    seasider - "I can`t believe the difference a day makes, yesterday lovely day sun all day around 22 deg. Today northerly wind, rain followed by drizzle and then more rain and 10 degrees a really miserable day, nowt done."View
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    VegVamp - "Morning Clickers, lots of cloud at 6am and a few spits of rain, so was very hopeful, but it has all faffed orf, and the sun is out, Murphy’s law. :lol: Cool breeze from the North though so at least it will be […]"View
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    flowerpotlynn - "Afternoon all, another beautiful warm day, I have retreated to the lounge to cool down!!! I took some photos this morning of some of the flowers blooming in the garden, the Malvern hills to has at last reached […]"View
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    cilla - "Morning clickers. It started to rain gently when I fed the birds but doubt it will last. It is cooling down outside but not inside yet….probably have the heating on by the end of the week :lol: we enjoyed […]"View
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    johnny - "I must be a fair bit behind you all on the veg front cos i only potted on tomato seedling s yesterday and am potting courgettes today. I should als say that youll have to forgive my typingspelling cos ive got […]"View
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    charlie13 - "Rain at last :good: "View
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    Ambersparkle - "Morning all, from a much cooler Scotland! that is good, was a bit too hot for me. Well, everything coming on at Chateau Tina, Cucumbers growing in my Tomato House have got baby Cucumbers on, growing so much this […]"View
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    stuart - "Another lovely day,could do with a haircut :cowboy: "View
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    Yewbarrow - "morning all, another hot day in the making, supposed to change in the next couple of days, could do with some rain but not complaining – – – yet! hope everyone is ok and coping, OH has the occasional burst of […]"View
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    Duncan - "Beanstew’s Victoria plum in the background."View
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    mick1970 - "Good morning hope you are all good. Going to be a scorcher today am glad a pottering day is all i have planned . Watching the news the world has gone mad . Keep safe and hydrated enjoy yourself"View
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    dixon - "Morning gang, sunshine all the way now until May, if the bbc weather can be believed, :dunno: :notacloudinsight: .looks like a watering day at the lottie, a trailer load of horse muck to offload too. :lol: If […]"View
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    dandlyon - "Morning clickers, see what arrived 200 metres from our allotments yesterday, Last saw him at the late Malvern show 2019 Seemed rather busy lunch time"View
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