• Owdboggy posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Is everyone else getting the huge numbers of Ladybirds, like we are?

    • Hello Eric :-) we’ve had mega numbers of 7-spots all summer and just today we have Harlequins appearing. They’re no problem :-)

      • Evening Eric, yes lots on Monday, there are a lot less now, we had a lot collected in the corners of the windows!!! They are now outside!!

      • All colours and number of spots for us. No flutterbyes, but a lot of Queen wasps looking for places to hibernate.

    • Yip, same here Eric, lots of Ladybirds, and we’ve had a lot of Butterflies as well. Even saw 2 Peacock B’flies today. :good:

      • Yep lots of ladybirds too for us in the south :good: , and also those dreaded spiders that seem to dash out all of a sudden in the house :confused: , needless to say they are quickly caught and deposited out in the garden by me!!!! :dunno: :-)