• Owdboggy posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Keep your fingers cross for us. the second surveyor has just been to look at our house. First one reported damp, but no major problems. This one found no damp, but evidence of woodworm in the loft. He could not tell if it was old or recent, but he reckoned about £400 to fix it. No damage to the structure from it though.
    The property we want has had the Searches done and the contract drawn up. Our buyer is coming on Sunday for a second visit, so we are a bit more hopeful than we were before.
    Only problem at the moment is the awful state the road has been left in by Farming operations, mud everywhere. Cannot complain as that would constitute a Neighbour dispute which we would have to declare. Hopefully our buyer realises that this is a rural road and that mud is not uncommon.