• Owdboggy posted an update 2 months ago

    That’s the electrics finished. Only need to pay for it all now.
    Estimate for the Gas fire and surround..£2300.
    Central heating refurbishment is about £3000.
    We is leaking money like nothing!

    • You have my sympathies , we found the same, every time we went to B&Q never spent under a £100, mind you its a 40+ mile round trip. It will all be worth and more cost effective :good:

      • Ditto for us too. And last time we went, they loft insulation we wanted was soaking wet so no use to man nor beast. Wasted trip.

    • Up to now, with a bow to Hubris, the people who have done work for us have been very good and the jobs up to standard. Small town businesses have to be good in that there are fewer people to mess up and word gets round very quickly about poor service.