• Daffy Gardener posted an update 5 years ago

    Good On Bernard for going AWOL from his care home. :rose:
    Am glad his spirit is as strong as ever. He wanted to go to the D day celebrations, got himself dressed, medals adorned and off he went. Caught the ferry to stand next to his Normandy brothers in arms, he gets my vote. :good:

    • they dont ask for much,so why be refused in the first place….i enjoyed his plight :good:

    • It was a moving story wasn’t it Paula :heart: What a hero :yahoo: :rose:

    • strong willed and determining :lol:

      • …and, like us [for that read Dom and I] as we age, a tad forgetful too, about immediate needs :unsure: Apparently he omitted to tell his wife that he was popping out….can’t help thinking there’s more to that than forgetting :lol:

        • What does it say about the care home, they missed him for that long? He was too late to be included on an organised trip for some reason, so he did it by himself – :rose: