• Daffy Gardener posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    Wow have we got some fantastic produce and pretties in the show already, fab-u-lous. Keep them coming in. :good: I’m still looking for some more judges to come forward please. @beanstew, @ronvalley, @vegvamp, @mick1970, @ambersparkle, @any of you please :-) Any of you growers knows a thing or two about flowers, form, fruit, veg, varieties and value. Let along the baking. Please offer to judge even if you haven’t entered. Thank you :good:

    • Dear Paula – I thought I had already volunteered – and I think you must have missed it. Have been sitting here quietly sobbing to myself, “Nobody wants me, just because I have been a rotten gardener this year”. So bring it on – I will rise to the challenge.

      • Sorry if I missed your hand being put up Sheila, & thank you maybe it was held aloft complete with a paint bush or spanner to confuse, I think if your garden may be rotten but just look around your daughters beautifully decorated house to wonder why! :good: