• Star posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    Hello everyone, well after 5 days above 35C we have some cooler weather in the high 20’s.
    I havent done much in the garden except water in the early morning.
    The Frangipanis are standing up to t he hot weather quite well only one the worse for wear, I think I will have to move that one under the shade of a bigger tree.
    Have a good day everyone.
    • Wouldn’t mind a bit of low 20’s, Star :lol: Lovely frangipanis as ever :good:

    • Hi Sylvia, Nice to see you have that show of over 60 blooming ,we could do with a bit of that heat over here. :good:

    • Hi Star. I’m glad it is cooling down for you. Beautiful colour as you say :-)

    • Beautiful bloom Star, and yes, I wouldn’t mind a bit of your heat over here either. ;-)

    • :good:

    • Hi Allan, I am still taking hard wood Hibiscus cuttings after you told me how to. I have about 95% success rate.
      Thank again……………….I would send you some heat if I could.

    • The cool change is only temporary unfortunately .
      But there is always the A/C. :good:

    • I keep trying to send some but it isn’t working…maybe it will about June/July……lol :lol:

    • We wouldn’t be able to cope with it Sylvia, last year we a scorching summer ,Dried all the grass up, Farmers had to use a lot of their winter hay,And that was about half the temperature you have,Good that so many of the cuttings are taking root , :good: