• Star posted an update 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    Hello all, I hope you have a nice Sunday, I have seen you have nice weather, that is a change for a Bank Holiday but most welcome I am sure.
    Still cold here at night and early morning but it did go up to 20C during the day.
    Took hubby to St John’s Urgent care today as he has a cough, a loose one but I wanted it checked out as he is due to go into hospital on Wednesday to have his heart shocked back into rhythm again, 3rd time he has had it done in about 3 years. They gave him anti bio tics so hopefully will be all gone by Wednesday.
    Enjoy today and your Monday holiday.

    • good morning/afternoon Sylvia :high-five:
      Your 20 C sounds lovely….the heat, nearer plus 5-10C on that here, is too much for real comfort!!
      I hope OH will be back to a good rhythm on Wednesday, that’s a bit of a worry for you isn’t it. Bon courage :good: :love: :rose:

      • Hello Star. I hope all goes well with your hubby :fingers-crossed: :rose: It is rather warm here but so nice to have sunshine……the nights are drawing in though :-(

    • Morning Star :-) fingers crossed for your husband :-) Apparently it’s been the hottest Bank Holiday weekend ever – too hot for me!

      • So glad you are all getting the sunshine……………and you won the cricket ……perfeck !!!!!