• Tubs posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    My cucumber that I thought had had it has revived, I cut all the yellow leaves off to the green tip and it is sprouting cucumbers again where the leaves were removed. I also moved a clematis over 4 years ago it then vanished but it has come back this year (single stem) can not believe it especially as last autumn I bought one to replace it and planted this one at the other end of the garden.

    • Rained all morning gentle rain but lovely.

    • Love Clematis… it’s quite a game little plant isn’t it Tubs? I have had a flower on one at the pavement ‘front’ of the garden which I thought had finished flowering months ago!! :rose:

    • The surprises you have described Tubs, are one of the delights of gardening, I think.