• Tubs posted an update 4 days, 23 hours ago

    Good Morning. bought a tablet yesterday will be able to download books from the library when I get my head around how to use it!! My few packets of veg seeds have arrived. I have not used peat compost for years but last year bought Jacks Magic which I think has some peat in it but it was so good, for my veg in pots

    • Good morning Tubs. I love my tablet which is so portable and means I can use it in bed, with a cuppa, as now. My vet and vet nurse were only, yesterday, trying to persuade me to use it to download books but I prefer proper books. I can see that downloading them would be very useful for you. I know nothing about the techie side but, apparently, Amazon Prime is good. I’m sure the techies on here will tell you.

    • Good morning Tubs :high-five: I have a Camellia coming out in a pot too :good: I thought the plant was ailing but maybe it will be okay with more careful topdressing. We shall see. Have a good Saturday :rose:

    • Morning Tubs :-) I prefer paper books myself but hope you enjoy your new ‘toy’! Have a good day :lol:

    • I liked books best once but having got used to kindle I like that now,