• Tubs posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Am using my friends computer, well no rain in my part of the south for over a month and things are drying up again. Lost some more clematis I wonder if they will come back again. The hydrangea that I cut right back after last year has done well and I am surprised to see flowers. Some of my tomatoes have dried up leaves and are not doing well but I am wondering if the compost is to blame as others are doing well also a cucumber will just not grow in same compost all same treatment as other years. Runners are doing well had first meal yesterday. Was reading about compost yesterday and wondered if the weedkiller was back in some like a few years ago. Was intererested in reading some people having trouble eating bread and found no problem with organic makes one wonder about cereal crop sprays just before harvest. Have some Charlotte potatoes in pots for the first time pleased with first one. Looks like another hot day been in mid 20s just want rain sorry to those who have too much.