• Goldfish posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    We seem to have a wildlife problem, Our bluetits are feeding the young ones and we also have a woodpecker feeding young ones as well. Yesterday morning the woodpecker came to get nuts and made a beeline for the bird box. The parent was in the box and the W/P just push its head into the hole. We have had this a few years ago where woody opens the bird box but we caught it in time.
    Do you know or can you tell me if this has happened to anyone before or have you seen it happen?

    • How strange Vashte … seems to me you need a ‘desres’ box for the woodpecker as well :lol: :rose:

    • Woodpeckers are one of those birds that take young birds from the nest and once they have found it will go back until they have taken all the babies. An empty metal hanging basket placed over the front of the nest lets the tits in but keeps the woodpeckers far enough away to stop their beaks getting into the hole. I have to do this with my robins nest now because of magpies,

    • Can’t add to this advice, Vashte. Woodpeckers will always do this.