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    Afternoon gardeners…wooop woop to my Friday :good: ..I flee my cage at 3 and then a quick shop round mozzas…The York Chr$$$mas lights are being turned on tonight, and my high street ones tomorrow at a street party. so it looks like its coming like it or not ;-)

  • gertie posted an update 8 hours, 42 minutes ago

    Good morning All from a dull, dry with :sun-clouds: trying to emerge but so far not CP
    Have a good day All :walt: :clover: :rose:

  • Bought a side of salmon yesterday, and stuffed it in the freezer for You Know What…..Am amazed no one else is apparently thinking of that date on our horizon – or if you are, you have taken a vow of silence about it, and are planning it in deepest secrecy. I think if this festival did not exist, we would have to invent one to engage our minds…[Read more]

  • cilla posted an update 10 hours, 14 minutes ago

    Morning clickers. Coffee morning today but first I must clean out the sparrows feeding cage and scoop millions of acer leaves out of the pond. It is looking dull outside but dry.

    • Sounds like quite a civilised day to me, Cilla. I’d like to give my grass a last cut today, but I don’t think it will dry off enough here. Hope today is full of possibilities and congenial conversations over coffee.

      • Coffee morning all day for me at work. when we moved here about 8 years ago, I got to choose my office…..I chose the one with a en suite kitchen :good: :mad:

  • Good morning Clickers, just got a bag packed up as I’m off to Dunboyne later this morning. OH stays there while working in Clonee, so joining him for a night away and visiting friends while there. :good: Have a good day all. :-)

  • Morning clickers :-) a Lidl shopping day today – how exciting is that :confused: I’ve done 26 rows of knitting – 60 to go :good: It’s a bit early to think, so I don’t know what else I might get up to today. Hope you all have a good one :-)

    • Morning Jane, :good: on the knitting, hope you are enjoying it, not so good on the shopping though. I’m escaping the usual shopping today and heading to Dunboyne. :dance: Visiting friends and then staying overnight, costing very little extra for me as OH gets his as expenses while working in Clonee, so rude not to. :cool: A long drive down, but…[Read more]

      • Morning Karen :-) Oh, wow, just looked where Dunboyne and Clonee are – definitely a bit of a long trip down but it sounds like a lovely idea, especially as you can use the spa :good: Have a fab time – why wouldn’t you :rose:

      • Morning Jane. We spotted another Aldi at Loughborough the other day, that makes two, but no Lidl anywhere, I don’t know why. Well done on the knitting, can’t wait to see it. How many stitches for a headband? Have a lovely day, anyway. :-)

        • Morning Cilla :-) Only 20 stitches :good: The shops are weird, aren’t they – no local Aldi here and the one in Skeg is really out of the way. Enjoy your coffee morning :good:

    • Lidl shops may be some of the most congenial places to be just now, since they are blessedly devoid of political pontificating. Silence only broken by the click-clack of knitting needles is a beautiful thing. Enjoy today, Jane.

  • gertie posted an update 21 hours, 17 minutes ago

    Nightnight Folks :rose:

  • Walt posted an update 23 hours, 5 minutes ago

    Born this day…Cornell Gunter :devil:

  • gertie posted an update 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Charles :good: :present: :drink: :rose:

  • Yewbarrow posted an update 1 day, 7 hours ago

    greetings from a damp and grey south lakes, no gardening of any sort today, too wet. Hope you have better weather and enjoy your day

  • gertie posted an update 1 day, 7 hours ago

    Well, we have :notacloudinsight: with a few :sun-clouds: in CP this morning, so may get outdoors after some de-cluttering [little and often :confused: ] :lol:
    Have a good day all, rain or shine :good: :rose:

  • mick1970 posted an update 1 day, 8 hours ago

    Good morning how’s all a tad wet . A dry spell hitting us next week

  • Morning all, having internet issues at the moment, so trying to do anything computer wise is so sloooooow, this taking me ages as the tablet keeps freezing etc :dunno: :excruciating:
    Off to knit &natter as one of our ladies is 80 and so we are having special cake and coffee, she suffers with dementia, so son&daughter in law, makes sure she gets…[Read more]

    • Good morning Lynn. Internet can be sooo frustrating when it is slow….here it means there is usually an Outreach team doing something in the vicinity. How lovely that the lady with dementia goes to knit and natter, if she has always knitted it must stir up lots of memories for her :-) The cake sounds good too, enjoy. I do hope OH is successful…[Read more]

    • Morning Lynn :-) fingers crossed for OH :good: Have a good knit and natter – better than arguing with the internet. I thought mine had given up earlier :confused:

    • As Cilla says, everything is crossed here too for success for OH – it would be a lovely festive gift for you both. I just loved hearing about the old lady enabled to attend your Knit and Natter group – community therapy in action.

    • Have a good day Lynn :love: :rose:

    • Everything crossed for OH Lynn. :fingers-crossed: :rose:

  • cilla posted an update 1 day, 10 hours ago

    Good morning all. Yesterday, mum of my little family asked if I had any flowers left in the garden to make two posies with as they were saying goodbye to the babies today. I was so pleased to be able to find a vase full for them and when she and the children came to collect them we had an impromptu tea party round the table :-) So a very sad day…[Read more]

    • Morning Cilla, glad you were able to help with the flowers and the impromptu tea, I bet it helped the mum no end as many people would have shied away, from both ideas. A small part of your garden given with love to help her babies on their finally journey, what a beautiful way to help :rose:

    • Morning Cilla :-) a very sad day indeed for the family but lovely that they came to you for help :rose: The village will always remember them :rose:
      Hope you have a good day – after you appointment at least :-)

    • It says a great deal that the bereaved family felt able to approach you like this, Cilla – and I hope your contribution helped to bring them some closure. I doubt if I could summon the same courage as they are displaying in the circumstances. I’m proud they felt able to turn to you as they did.

    • Lovely Cilla … Gardener :love: :rose:
      Have a good, peaceful day today :love: :rose:

    • A lovely tribute to you that the family came to you to help with their flowers Cilla. Such a terrible time for them and I hope this closure with give them some small comfort. :love:

  • Morning clickers :-) raining – I hope someone has a dry day :fingers-crossed: I think I’ll be alternating between the kitchen and the sofa with a book. My knitting needles arrived yesterday and if the wool comes today, I’ll be able to start my headband. Have a good day all :-)

    • Morning Jane. It is dry here so far. Well done you on the headband…..I hope your tension is better than mine, I have a distinctly wobbly looking end to my scarf :lol: We must swap photos ;-)

    • I just hope you have the right-shaped head to wear a headband. I say this, because I have a drawer-full of headbands that look OK for 5 minutes, but very quickly ease themselves off my head. Am I supposed to anchor them with kirby grips? It has been an enduring disappointment – but don’t let the possibility spoil your day.

    • Good morning Jane :high-five: have fun with the knitting :good: :love: :rose:

    • Sounds like we might need a knitters group? :-)

  • VegVamp posted an update 1 day, 10 hours ago

    That’s me off, later all. :-)

  • Beanstew posted an update 1 day, 10 hours ago

    It’s really pouring this morning – and that cat of mine is so irritating. He is running backwards and forwards to external doors (which is his normal way of saying ” Open the door and let me out”.) And then he just stands there, and looks out – i.e. until my foot connects gently but forcibly with his rear end.
    It did clear up yesterday as…[Read more]

    • Morning Sheila. One of my previous cats was always convinced that if it was raining at one door, it wouldn’t be at the other – Alfie is obviously the same. ;-) Don’t envy you your choices today, but good luck with them. :good:

    • Morning Sheila :-) raining, not exactly pouring but it does curtail anything interesting to do outside. I’ll probably stew some apples – will have to find some room in the freezer. I’m about to listen to the headlines and then the radio will go off. Try and enjoy the day!

      • Morning Bean. I think you are due for a dry spell soon, according to the weather, I blooming well hope so anyway. Alfie is such a character but mine do the same even with a catflap :lol: I hope your cold is on the wane but de-cluttering must be better than Brexit ;-)

    • Good morning Sheila … will be joining you re the de-cluttering today … had an interesting chat with two second-year med students who came to the house … all part of their training. Was dreading it as we are so cluttered , but the extra careful clearing up in readiness has spurred me on to do more :lol:
      Have a good day, you are spurring me…[Read more]

  • VegVamp posted an update 1 day, 11 hours ago

    Morning Clickers, some torrential rain overnight, which woke me a number of times it was so heavy thankfully it seems to have eased a bit now. :good: Have had some small bits of work in which has got it the way of garden time, but looking better for today. :good: Have a good day all. :-)

    • Have a good day? Can you hear me snorting? Your wish is kind – but can it possibly work in the present rancid Brexit atmosphere? Anarchists awake! (But obviously I hope you have a good, interesting day too.

      • Aye, I foolishly put the news on, not a good move Sheila. :disappointed: It was a wish of hope, rather than expectation. ;-)

    • Morning Karen :-) unfortunately my prediction is that the current governmental political party will never ever stop ‘banging on about Europe’… :-( The only thing to do is to get back in the greenhouse and make sure there’s a very good collection of seeds for the indefinite future! Hope the rain stops – have a good day :-)

      • Morning Karen. We have been very lucky so far with the weather so sending dry vibes up north for you all :-) I hope it dries up enough for some playtime or you may have to start knitting like Jane et moi :lol:

        • Morning Cilla, it’s incredibly mild here – 16℃ when I came out of the pool at 09.30! I’m sure the two of you could get up to much more badness than knitting. ;-) I’m tempted for the winter months though. :good:

      • Don’t think any of the parties will ever stop Jane. ;-)

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