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    • looking gorgeous amber thought it was a film star :D

    • What a fabulous photo! :D

    • @Ambersparkle over to you AmberSparkle!

      • Well, as you can see, I was plainly in the Desert, what you can,t see, is the, Lake Habbaniya. In the background is The Rest and Leave Centre, where both my 21st Birthday bash, and my Wedding Reception, were held, when I have time will copy some of my photo,s. I was stationed in the middle of the Desert. at Royal Air Force Station Habbaniya. I used to sail on the Lake, crewed both Snipes and Fireflies, and won The Ladies All Class race Cup , in 1951. As you can see I was well fancied! lol!

        • It is a cracking photo AmberSparkle! Oooooh you were a sailor as well! :D Have you any photos of the sailing as well. please?

          • I was all set to take my Helmswomen exams, when I was involved in an horrific accident, and lost my nerve. Never sailed again.
            I had arrived late for an All Class Race, that means all sorts of Boats big and small, and the boat I usually crewed had gone, only one Boat left, a big Airborne Lifeboat, that needed a crew member, Skipper flt sgt Lofty Burden. There were 5 Airborne Lifeboats in that race, as well as many smaller Boats. We were the leading Boat, with the four other Airborns Lifeboats behind us in a straight line, we were coming to the Winning post, when out of nowhere came a Devil wind, the four Boats behind us went down like a pack of Cards, Lofty was shouting to me “stand on the Plate!” am trying to do that, when it fell and hit me I thought my Eye was out, but no time, as the Boat turned over, and had to swim for the shore with waves all above my head, passed out in six feet of water, and was pulled ashore by somene. The shock and loss of life, meant I never went out again, lucky to be here.

            • My goodness Amber you were lucky to survive that – no wonder it put you off.
              Just me being nosey as I have done a bit of sailing over the years as well.

    • That must have been terrifying for you AmberSparkle, no wonder you didn’t return to sailing.