• VegVamp posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning Clickers, another big Brrrrrrr this morning, about -8 again I think. :bad: so that should make for an interesting drive. ;-) Swim and then a bit of work this morning. Seem to have missed Anne, I’m sure I spied her a few minutes ago. :confused: @Gertie Have a good day all and stay warm. :lol:

    • Morning Karen :-) cold here too but not quite in the minuses, I think. I see that Sydney was 47.3C yesterday – wouldn’t like that at all! Have a little work to do – amazingly it’s arrived when I expected it ;-) Have a good swim and workday :rose:

      • Morning Jane, much better when things go to plan. ;-) No, 47℃ wouldn’t suit me either, but I wouldn’t object to half of that. :lol: Hope the work goes well. :good: Did you see Silent Witness is back? Looking forward to that.

    • Silent Witness, yeah :good: (We watched Vera :lol: )

    • My previous comment disappeared. Very hard frost here. But better than 47degrees :-( You go carefully Karen but enjoy that swim. Whoops…morning girls :-)

    • Good morning Karen, :high-five: Jane :high-five: Cilla :high-five:
      I was up early Karen … couldn’t sleep and wide awake :confused: .Didn’t spot you, sorry :disappointed:
      Anyway, HAGD gals :love: :rose: