• VegVamp posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning Clickers, well that was a tad strange, the frost that stayed all day yesterday has disappeared overnight. :good: Just hope that doesn’t mean more rain, the ground is going to take weeks to dry out as it is. Off to the pool shortly, then some work on. Have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning Karen, no frost here either, hoping for some sort of dry/ sunny weather, to spend some time outside. Enjoy your swim :good:

    • Good morning Karen and Lynn. Have a bit of hope in my heart if the frost has lifted in N. Ireland – but it looks just as heavy and white here as ever. One thing I’ve just noticed (but has probably been known to mankind for millenia) is that the water- saturated top soil seems to expand (well it would, wouldn’t it?) and I have great difficulty opening my back gate until it thaws.

    • Morning Karen :-) weather? doh!! Don’t know what ours is doing yet – it’s still too dark to see outside but I can’t hear rain. Just cooked the last of the apples to freeze and the blackbirds will be happy with all the cores today :good: No work for me until next week – hope yours goes well. Have a good swim :-)

      • Good morning girls. Just looked at our forecast and it shows dark clouds for most of the week :-( I’m glad I made the effort to tidy the garden up a couple of weks ago when it was warmer. Enjoy your swim Karen. :-)

    • Good morning K :-) Fingers crossed no more rain, pretty squidgy here too. My wellies have sprung a leak so I’ve bought some new ones, they’re ‘muck’ boots, right up my street ;-) Enjoy your swim, I’m taking a cozzy to Spain but may not be brave enough to dip in the Med, brrrr… ;-) :giggle: