• VegVamp posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning Clickers, what an ‘orrible day yesterday, :bad: fog didn’t lift all day and I was up to my ears with work as well, which didn’t help. :-( The fog still hasn’t gone, so more of the same today, worst luck. On the up side I finally got a problem laptop sorted at 9pm last night. :good: Will be off to the pool shortly, so have a good day all you sleepy heads. :-)

    • Good morning Karen…..I’m heeeere :-) Isn’t this weather depressing? Looking at the forecast here it is leaden skies until after the weekend, more like November. I am going to look at swimming locally to help my joints and waistline…..knowing me, looking is all I shall do ;-) Do they wear swimming caps nowadays? Enjoy your swim, it is certainly doing you good….and good news on the laptop :good:

      • Afters Cilla, sorry missed you earlier. Tis diabolical weather. :-( Good for you on the swimming :good: no, on the swimming caps for me anyway, though some folk do wear them. It certainly is a great exercise for poorly joints as there is no impact, which is ideal for me, give it a try and if they have a sauna/steam room/jacuzzi you can always reward your efforts afterwards. :good:

    • Morning Karen & Cilla, enjoy the swim Karen.
      I’m with you all the way on the weather Cilla, I can here the rain on the window again!!!!! I know January can feel like a long month but it’s only 11days old and I think we’ve had one bright day :-(

      • Afters Lynn, the sun appeared, briefly and in a very watery way, about an hour ago here, then disappeared again after 15 minutes – I said some very rude words. ;-) deeply depressing. :-(

    • Morning Karen :-) your fog reached me yesterday too ;-) Enjoy your swim – that’s always something to look forward to :-)

      • Afters Jane, so you were a sleepy head this morning! :lol: Not like you at all, I blame this weather it makes me want to hide under the covers. :-(