• VegVamp posted an update 4 months ago

    Morning Clickers, not the best of weekends in the VegVamp household. My 16 year old washing machine decided to expire, emptying itself all over the utility room floor in the process, deep sigh. :disappointed: It is a minuscule area, so extricating the damn thing involved removing the under-sink cupboard next to it, deeper sigh. :-( Finally out, we discovered it must have been leaking slightly for some time, so walls and floor were coated in black mould. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Needless to say I didn’t get into the garden. :bad: However, having Anne back clicking, after her unexpected hospital trip, has cheered me up enormously. :-) Hope everyone else has had a much better weekend. ;-)
    Have a good day all. :-)

    • Good morning Karen. What a total bummer but probably best to happen when you were both there. I hope you are all drying out now. It is indeed lovelh having Anne back :-) I hope your day is a better one and you get out to play at some stage. :rose:

      • Morning Cilla, there was a lot of swearing. :lol: OH has now decided to tile under that area (for some reason it wasn’t before) so dear knows when I’ll get a functioning washer back in place. Was very relieved to see Anne back clicking yesterday. :good: What are you up to today?

    • Oh dear Karen, at least you found it before it got too bad and caused to much damage!!! 16 yes for a washing machine is good :good: what make was it? Hope you get it all sorted soon :clover: :clover:

      • Hi Lynn, I was very impressed when I realised it’s age, it was an AEG, but I don’t think they are built to last anymore. :bad:

    • AAaaarrrgghh! Reading most of your post is like reading a private horror story of what I fear most at the hands of my venerable washing machine which must be at least 20 years old. I might wish that it would simply quietly expire – but you can bet that it will go out with oomph and lots of water. I didn’t get out into the garden yesterday either – by the time I was pulling on my boots, the momentary golden glow from the sun had gone again – and it was raining heavily. Am off to look for news of Anne – some warm cheerful news hopefully, in a cruel and uncaring (and mostly wet) world. Your day today must be better.

      • Morning Sheila, things better get better or I’ll be emigrating – to somewhere warm and sunny. Thankfully, Anne is back clicking and posting. :good:

      • Hallo you two, yip, am back thank goodness…have ssssssooo missed talking and listening to you all. HASD :notacloudinsight: is bright :good: :lol: :rose:

    • Morning Karen :-) What an absolute pain!! I feel for you and you can probably guess why ;-) I hope firstly that you have plenty of clean clothes to last for however long it takes and secondly you can treat yourself to some me-time in the sun today :notacloudinsight:

    • Oh bless you Karen :lol: Extraordinary, but very gratifying to have cheered you up , you poor soul, from such a messy and inconvenient, not to say expensive disaster! good luck with all that, and have a good day anyway!!! :good: :rose: