• VegVamp posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning clickers, neighbour’s eldest 2 lads cut the grass last night before the deluge arrives tonight. :good: So hopefully I’ll get round the veg garden and orchard done this afternoon. :good: Some work to get through first and a client to see later that I’m not looking forward to, antivirus not updated for years for a start so it’s going to be a nightmare. :-( Batten down the hatches everyone and stay safe later today. :-)

    • Good morning Karen. They are lucky to have you to sort out techie problems :-) .The garden always looks good with the grass cut. I hope the work isn’t too much of a pain.

    • Read your post Karen, and shuddered – have been ignoring AVG for months because I’m convinced that it’s simply trying to flog stuff to me – but maybe it isn’t?? Think I shall try and get my grass cut today too, and fed before the deluge – not that it will do any good, the cherry tree just gobbles everything up, but at least I will cut the top off a bunch of it’s suckers at the same time. The grass looks terrible now. May have to bring the Losetto plants into the kitchen for shelter tonight – the wind will make a real mess of them – but the flowering runner beans will have to take their chances…..Good morning Karen and Cilla.

      • Avast is a good free antivirus too Sheila, and yes, they all all try and sell you the full version, but I can’t really blame them for that. ;-) Aye, my runners and French climbing beans will have to fend for themselves too, but nothing we can do about those. Fingers crossed they will be ok.

        • I had to buy two courgette plants yesterday, £1.50 each…..that was reasonable. There was a similar size one in Wyevale at £3 and one in a large pot (Defender, the one I grow) at £6!!!!!!! Can you believe that?

    • Morning Karen, computers :excruciating: my antivirus updates it’s self on this tablet, wish it would update it’s predictive text too :lol: hope it isn’t too much of a problem!!!