• VegVamp posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Morning Clickers, though not a particularly good one, Sheesh what a night of wind, and still blowing a good 40/50 mph with gusts of 60/70, so precious little sleep. See Malin Head has still got 55mph and the Foyle Bridge is closed, not a good sign. Thank goodness the guys are not out in that. They’re not going anywhere for a while, so I’ll take a run up to Lough Swilly with a few supplies. Can see a few big pots on their sides out the back, so better get dressed and see if there is any damage in the rest of the garden. The trees are taking a real hammering, just hope my old Ash and 2 young Oaks will be ok. :fingers-crossed: Right, best get one and check the greenhouse. Later all, and stay safe. :good:

    • Morning Karen. It sounds very rough up there :-( Is Lough Swilly far from you? Give the boys our love when you see them and take care :-)

      • Morning Cilla, not only about 1.5 hr drive, maybe not even that, but it’ will be a rather windy drive. :lol: I’ll let them know, they are amazed that so many are tracking the boats. :good:

    • Bravo Karen … how lovely that you’re meeting them with FOOOOOD :good: I hope you had a safe journey, that they are cheery, and a safe journey back and onwards for all of you :good: :clover: :rose: xxxxx